The Commodore & Member of the PMBC
Visits St. Vincent & the Grenadines

On the 5th of September I had the privilege of visiting St. Vincent and Bequia
at the invitation of TDY (Those Damn Yachts)  Inc. Yacht Charters.

        We visited Barefoot Yacht Charters, Caribbean Compass, SVG Air, SunSail Yacht Charters, Harpoon Saloon, Bequia Slips, Fixman Engineering, and many others.

        I wish to thank Mary Barnard &  Seth of Barefoot, Sally Erdle & Tom Hopman of Caribbean Compass, John, our pilot, of SVG, Dr. Fred Ballantyne of "Harpoon Saloon", and Dr. Marty Nation of TDY, Inc. for making my visit a most pleasurable experience.

        Entry into the Grenadines through St. Vincent was fast and courteous. With in a few minutes we were on our way to the Barefoot Yacht facility to visit the boats that TDY Inc. has under BYC's care and management. We took one of the boats over night to Bequia to give me photo opportunities and to swing the compass on the vessel.

        The sail was great with a good breeze over the beam and moderate seas. Anchoring in Admiralty Bay, we went ashore for dinner and rum punch. Dinner was an excellent goat curry and the rum punch definitely had a "punch".

        In the morning I paid a courtesy call to the Caribbean Compass and was delighted to encounter Sally and Tom hard at work on a Sunday morning, putting to bed the latest edition of their publication. Our visit was too short for all that we wished to talk about, this being our first face to face visit after a long acquaintance via email. Sally, Tom & the Caribbean Compass being some of the supporters of the fight against the Panama Canal Commission's attempt to raise the canal tolls to $1500 US for all small vessels; the outcome was a graduated payment scale starting at $500 US.

        From there we walked to the Harpoon Saloon and had the great fortune to encounter Dr. Fred Ballantyne the owner of the Harpoon. We were given a tour of the facility and I was much impressed with the potential for attracting cruising yachts to the facility. There is a bar, restaurant, fuel, railway, and piers. Definitely is a place to be visited when cruising the Grenadines.

        Shortly we returned to the boat and sailed to St. Vincent and Barefoot Yacht Charters facility. the afternoon was spent visiting with the folks there and with Mary's help we secured a flight on SVG's AeroCommander the next day. I really wanted to get some aerial photos of the area;
John of SVG did a really great job of getting me into position for the aerial photos that you see here.

        That night we spent visiting the hot spots of St. Vincent again enjoying good food and great rum punch. We ended the night rather early so as to be ready for the flight back to reality and work the next day.

        All and all I recommend that one should find the time to visit the Grenadines and charter a boat there for some great sailing. The people there are super and the sailing is world class.

The Commodore PMBC, Craig Owings


PS. Sorry that the aerials are a bit blurry,
but all of these images are shot with a Kodak DC260 Digital Camera.

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St. Vincent from the Air

BareFoot Yacht Charters Buildings & Piers

Blue Lagoon, St. Vincent, Grenadines Blue Lagoon, St. Vincent
Kingstown_Port_St._Vincent_Grenadines.jpg (362648 bytes) Ottley Hall Marine Facilities, St. Vincent Our Pilot, John of SVG Airlines St. Vincent

Barefoot Yacht Charters

BareFoot Dock & Main Building

BareFoot Yacht Charters Dock

Taking the Breeze on the Front Porch
Godfrey Making his SUPER Rum Punch Barefoot from the Anchorage Plenty of New Boats for Charter ... Bareboat or Crewed

Bequia from the Air

Admiralty Bay, Bequia

Port Elizabeth, Amiralty Bay, Bequia

Port Elizabeth, Amiralty Bay, Bequia
Looking from Schooner to Port Elizabeth, Bequia Schooner, Bequia Looking from Bequia to Petit Nevis & Isle D'Quatre

Around Bequia
A beautiful harbor with room to spare. Plenty of nice small shops and eateries.
Home of the Caribbean Compass, a must reader for tourists & sailors.

Bequia Art Gallery

The Brick House-Caribbean Compass Publication Bequia

Sally Erdle working on Caribbean Compass
"Dumpy" selling Handcrafts Bequia Gingerbread House Bequia Gingerbread House SweetShop
Port Elizabeth Bequia Harbor The Waterfront Street Bequia Looking out Bequia Harbor
Harpoon Saloon (Marina) Bequia Looking Down Bequia Harbor Port Elizabeth Bequia Harbor

Fixman Marine Engineering, LTD., Bequia
The place to go on Bequia for a complete "Smithy" to fix yachts.

Fixman Marine Engineering LTD Electrical & Engine Repair

Fixman Marine Engineering LTD Electronic Repair

Fixman Marine Engineering LTD Machine Shop Fixman Marine Engineering LTD

Sailing Moods
Sailing is one of life's great pleasures.  Sail at every chance & enjoy it always.  

Heading to Bequia from St. Vincent

Laid Back Sailing with Marty & Ras

p0000220.jpg (108596 bytes) Looking back at St. Vincent, Blue Lagoon on the way to Bequia

End of a Great Sail to Bequia with Dr. Marty at the Helm

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January 18, 2002