Steve Rider of Beowolf Reports in from the Rio Dulce

Everyone at PMBC

        Hello everyone. Beowulf is safely docked in Rio Dulce and I am now
in California taking care of business. I had a very enjoyable cruise
through the Caribe with stops in Providencia,Cayo Vivario,Roatan,Islas
Cochinos and Livingston. Except for losing my exhaust system,the first
day out, the boat performed flawlessly. I met many old friends including
June and Lindsay on Vixen.They were in Providencia taking the boat north
to sell and last I heard they were at Isla Mujeres. I left Beowulf at
Marina Tijax and hope to return to it in Nov.I hope to visit Belise,
Yucatan and Cuba this winter and would love to run into more of my
friends from Pmbc.

        Can someone please send me news of the goings on at the Club. Have
Jim and Aura had the baby? Who has left and what news of the political
struggle ? Also someone must give Denise a pinch for me! Thank you to
all my friends and hope to see you soon.

Stephen Rider- Beowulf

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