Dear Friends,

    We made it to Trinidad on Tues Dec 7. Hooray, no more motoring east into wind and swells!! Our passage from Isla Margarita to the Venezuelan mainland was fine, slightly lumpy for the first 40 miles and great for the other 85 miles to Trinidad. We stopped for an extra day during our passage at a fishing village with good protection from the prevailing winds and swell. Winds were forecast to increase, but they never did. Just an extra day of sleep is what we got.

    We are anchored off of the TT Yacht Club (TT is how this little nation refers to itself in print to shorten the name Trinidad-Tobago). This is quite close to the Port of Spain, the largest city in Trinidad. The island is covered with lush vegetation and of course the usual tropical flowers.

    For all you carnival fans, Carnival occurs on March 5 and 6 (in 3 months). We'll be here until carnival is over. (Likely we'll fly back to Phoenix at that point to rent our house out again for another year.) If anyone is interested in seeing the oldest carnival, come on out to Trinidad (the best is Rio). Camps in steel drum music start running in Jan, the costumes are already being stitched, more camps for the marching masquerade dancers are also starting next month. We hope to visit all the "stuff" for carnival and be normal tourists for this. Our marina even gets involved with the parades so we might be part of the street party. We think we'll have fun.

    Send us notes on what you all are planning for the holidays. We will most likely sail over to Tobago and celebrate there with some friends from Canada we met in Mexico two years ago.

Myrl and Gary on Kokopelli