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Starting Libations

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Preparations Underway

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Hangers On ...
Oh, Just a Taste

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Satisfied Conversation

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Great Expectations!

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The Basics for Thanksgiving

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Pat on the Back of Kris Diel, the PMBC Manager, &
all of the Members
for a Feast Well Done

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Caught in the Act ...
Sweet Fast Fingers

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In the Mood to PARTY!

Pedro Miguel Boat Club Members have a Thanksgiving Feast

The members and guests of the Pedro Miguel Boat Club (PMBC) enjoyed a typical North American Thanksgiving celebration on the evening of the 26th.

Folks from the 4 corners of the earth joined in with the Americans and Panamanians of the PMBC to partake of the bounty of the year. Everyone gave thanks for the for the safe passages and fair winds of the last year.

We all enjoyed visiting and swapping stories, wishing only that all of our friends and families could be here to share the evening.

The children were a particular treat to all of the oldsters who are cruising and away from their children and grand children. All of the kids were over indulged and allowed to eat dessert first and then maybe their dinner, room permitting.

There was heated debate as to which dish was the best or which dessert the most tempting, but in the end all were declared winners .... as everything was eaten to the empty dish. Ham, turkey, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, escalloped corn, arroz con pollo (chicken & rice), corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, red eye gravy, pecan pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, lemon pie, petite cakes, vanilla ice cream, and more ..... disappeared in a flash.

We all enjoyed ourselves and have sworn off eating until Christmas. We hope that your Thanksgiving was as great as ours and we look forward to your visit to the PMBC for Christmas dinner.

Craig Owings
Commodore, PMBC

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Great Stuff ...
Tastes Good Too!

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Ham Bone Snitcher
in the Act!

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All Mine??

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I got the pie ....
now let's try for the beer :)

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Just one more bite ...

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Guilty of Over Eating

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Water Baby

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