Administrator's Reply to Franz Schötz 

    This letter was faxed to Mr. Schötz by the Administrator of the Autoridad de Canal de Panama. It was generous of the Administrator to review the billing and to adjust the billed amount.

   In as far as the Administrators statement of the ACP's requirement to charge, that is correct .... however the ACP sets the rates to be charged in all classes of service. Our point is that the ACP does not need to charge ships rates for yachts; especially they should provide some service if they are to charge a fee and the fee should be adjusted to reflect that yachts are non commercial vessels.

   The Administrator's point that the fees have been in place for a long time is correct ...... however they were seldom to never charged to a yacht prior to the Autoridad de Canal de Panama's taking over operation of the Panama Canal from the United States of America. The Panama Canal Commission, and its predecessor the Panama Canal Company recognized that yachts are non commercial vessels and should be treated accordingly.