Gamboa Mooring Area

   The key point in the discussion of the without benefit charging of yachts by the Autoridad de Canal de Panama (ACP), is the fact of the mooring of vessels that break down while in transit. If the ACP stops a vessel in transit and sends them to the Gamboa Mooring Area, there is no charge for the moorings. If the vessel needs to use the area to effect repairs of the vessel, the ACP charges $300 per day.

   For this $300 per day fee the vessel ties to the secure red mooring bouys while it effects repairs. Again this is not a bad deal, since the vessel is securely moored. BUT .... the use of the moorings is not for the yachts, only the ships; a yacht must anchor outside of the designated mooring area and pay $300 for the privilege of anchoring with its own ground tackle.

   It is the contention of yachters and the Pedro Miguel Boat Club that this is an abusive fee, directed at non commercial pleasure craft, for services NOT RENDERED! Many local pleasure craft use Gatun Lake for recreational use and spend days anchored in the lake in areas near the Gamboa Mooring Area. They are not charged a mooring (anchoring fee) .... why? Again it becomes apparent that this fee is directed solely against the "rich yachters" that are the customers of the Panama Canal.


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