Panama, 21.02.2001

Panama Canal Authority

Office of the Administrator

P.O. Box 025413

Miami, FL 33102-5413


Franz Sch÷etz

Baumannstr. 15

83233 Bernau/Ch.



Yacht Nan Madol, SIN 351032


Dear Mr. Administrator,

During my Panama Canal transit on 15 feb. my engine broke down and I had to anchor in Gamboa were the advisor told me to anchor. The boat anchored on 5m (15ft.) of water very close to the shoreline.

It was outside of the bouyed mooring field for the commercial vessels and on his own anchor. The advisor told me on request that I can stay here as long as I need to repair my engine. So I believed in him and I went the following day to Colon to clear my status with immigration because I checked already out for Galapagos.

The next day I tried to get a hold of some mechanics for the engine and finally on Sunday I came to the Pedro Miguel Boat Club. At that time I was close to a heart attack when the Commodore, Mr. Craig Owings, told me that the Panama Canal Authorities will charge me 300$ US per day to stay there on anchor.

Before I got my tow to Pedro Miguel Boat Club I had to pay, in addition to the original $1300 the amount of 2540 $US; where 440 $US for the pilot, 1800 $US for six days moorage which I never used 300 $US for the towboat.

I can understand and accept the fees for the pilot and the towboat but I beg you to return the fees for anchoring in Gamboa.


Sirs, I am simple single handed cruiser on a small 35 foot catamaran with a very limited budget and I try to follow my dreams to go into the Pacific and visit all this beautiful island. Please don't destroy my dreams with these charges.

Thank you very much in advance,

Franz Sch÷etz


Cc: Presidencia of the Republic of Panama,

Office of Public Relations

Pedro Miguel Boat Club

Cruising World Magazine