Date Line: Republic of Panama, 13 Dec, 2000

       It seems that the problem with the ANAM in the Portobelo area is gone, at least no reports of attempts to exploit visiting yachts for an anchoring fee. 

However there are reports of a $45 anchoring fee (per day) being charged to a sail boat that went into the Coiba anchorage on the Pacific coast of Panama. This is not a well publicized visiting spot for yachts, but it is a national park and therefore comes under the oversight of the ANAM .... anyone else encountering this please let us know with the details at commodore@pmbc.ws


Date Line: Republic of Panama, 4 May 2000

    The issue of fees is still up in the air, with the ANAM rethinking the fee structure. We still have not a clue as to what the proposal will be, but we will have the proposal here on the web as soon as it is known.

    Most cruiser have weighed in with the opinion that they would support a reasonable fee that would be good for all of the marine parks of Panama. Many also comment that a voluntary support (contributions) would also work, but a fee structure that is too expensive will cause the cruisers to avoid the park areas.

    Of course this does not effect the ANAM since they are receiving nothing at the moment, but it would absolutely kill the budding tourist industry in the Portobelo area. 

    The Pedro Miguel Boat Club, as an advocate for sailors worldwide, invites the ANAM to sit with us at any time to discuss solutions to the issue. The sad truth is that the ANAM has quit talking about the park fees and is working behind closed doors to formulate a "new fee structure". We only hope that the new one is more reasonable than the old one.

    Cruisers have a choice of where they go; and they do not go to places with prohibitive charges and fees. 


Take Notice ~ React Today!
Let's Stop This In Its Tracks

Date Line: Republic of Panama, 10 February 2000

The Autoridad Nacional Del Ambiente (ANAM)
 Parque Nacional Portobelo
(Administration Regional Del Ambiente - Colon)

   The ANAM released an edict declaring that they will charge all vessels entering the waters of the Parque Nacional Portobelo from approximately Portobelo harbor to Manzanilla Bay past Isla Grande Island a navigation fee.

    The following is the declared rate structure, effective immediately:

Boat Length Fee per Day
as Est. by Resol. JD 097-96
Fee per Week Fee per Month
Less than 17 feet B/ 5.00 B/ 28.00 B/ 105.00
18 to 24 feet 10.00 56.00 210.00
25 to 34 feet 20.00 112.00 420.00
35 to 49 feet 30.00 168.00 630.00
50 feet or more 50.00 280.00 1050.00

This is Ridiculous!

    It is apparent from this action that the ANAM is trying to discourage international yachts from visiting these areas of Panama. It is also a fact that these areas are key to the yachts visiting Panama as staging areas for passages to San Blas Islands, Bocas Del Toro, the Panama Canal, Cartagena, Isla San Andres and other areas in the Caribbean.

    The Pedro Miguel Boat Club requests that everyone in the international yachting community contacts the President of the Rep. of Panama and the Director of the ANAM via email or fax. 

    We need to be heard on this matter .... if actions like this are not stopped now, soon other nations will implement similar punitive fees.

Please take time to send an email or fax now to ......

The President of Panama
The Director of ANAM


The President of Panama
011(507) 227-6944
The Administrator 
Colon District ANAM
011(507) 441-9282
Public Relations of the Presidencia
011(507) 227-4278

Email the Commodore of the Pedro Miguel Boat Club