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There seems to be some miss information out there about the PMBC refusing to move. This is not the case, rather the PMBC does not have the funds to move and requires compensation from the ACP or the Government of Panama to leave its facility. 

To date the ACP refuses to discuss compensation, deciding to economically strangle the club, rather than compensate and to attempt to dislocate the club as "intruders" via legal means.

The PMBC is ready and willing to discuss a move from its facility to another within the Panama Canal, or to discuss compensation in an amount that allows the PMBC to buy or lease private lands suitable to the reestablishment of the club so that we may continue to provide service to the yachting community and to the local charities we support. 

PMBC Attacked!

Autoridad del Canal de Panama (ACP) attempts eviction of the Pedro Miguel Boat Club (PMBC) as "INTRUDERS"; the PMBC after 65 years in existence in its location is informed by the ACP that it has no rights, will not be compensated for its improvements, and are just plain and simple intruders.

The case, at the first step of the legal proceedings brought by the ACP, is found in favor of the Pedro Miguel Boat Club, emphatically noting that the PMBC is not an intruder or trespasser.. 

The ACP retaliates by appealing the finding to the second step and stops all national and international member's yachts from transiting to the Pedro Miguel Boat Club. 

The PMBC responds to the stopping of its member's transits by submitting a request to the Supreme Court of Panama to have the actions of the ACP reviewed in a special administrative process as specified in the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Panama. 

The Supreme Court agrees to hear the request that questions the Constitutionality of the ACP's action, and a determination as to possible violation of several international treaties that the Republic of Panama is signatory to. 

Part of the procedure enacted requires that the ACP stops their action, that is the preventing of yacht transit to the PMBC, until the issue is decided by the Supreme Court. 

A member of the PMBC promptly requested a transit to the PMBC and was refused. A spokes person from the legal section of the ACP told the PMBC's lawyer, that the ACP's organic law places it beyond the jurisdiction of the requirements of the constitutional law of Panama that requires the ACP to desist it action until the case is decided. 

The ACP has stated that it intends to remove the PMBC from its site without compensation. Without compensation, the PMBC will cease to exist, and yachters in the Panama area will be the losers.  

The PMBC has little cash reserves to use to fight, as it has provided pro bono support for the sailing community and charitable support for the local community instead of filling its coffers. 

If there are any folks in the legal profession in the USA, that would like to assist (pro bono) the PMBC in formulating a legal strategy and action, please contact the Commodore of the PMBC at

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