Potluck PMBC Style

    Potluck is a weekly happening at the PMBC, every Saturday night at 1900 hours (7PM), bring your food dish with you or prepare it in the club kitchen. If you play a musical instrument ... Bring it along. 

    Saturdays we get some really great times going .... we share those times with you.    

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New faces ... new talents. Jasmin & Jessica sing rounds of German, Spanish, and English songs to the accompaniment of  Steve on the guitar. Steve finishes off the show with a series of Jimmy Buffett super songs.

Jasmin, Jessica, & Steve

Jasmin, Jessica, & Steve
Anne Diel  at the violin with a bit of classical, jazz, and Turkey-in-the-Straw or maybe a bit of guitar with Ed Beasley
PMBCmusic2.JPG (103865 bytes) PMBC music
And of course ..... there is the food .... world class from world cruisers and members alike!
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Now & Then ..... a specially invited guest for dinner!
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